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Please read the following information carefully before submitting any E-Filing:

PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT: The FTC Act, the Federal Information Security Management Act, and other applicable laws, regulations, and policies authorize us to collect and maintain registration and login data, system logs, and other system records or data, for administrative and system security purposes and to receive and manage electronic filings in FTC adjudicative proceedings conducted under the FTC’s Rules of Practice. We may use your registration and other system data to conduct audits, determine and control system access, monitor system performance, and to detect, investigate, or refer unauthorized system activity for law enforcement or other action. Your electronic filings, except for any nonpublic portions, will be made part of the public record of the FTC proceeding in which they were filed and will be posted on the FTC web site. For a full list of routine uses for any personal information we collect from or about you through this system, please see applicable system of records notices for computer user identification and access records and for public and nonpublic program records on our FTC Web site, Privacy Act Systems. Use of this system is voluntary, but you will not be granted system access or be able to submit electronic filings through this system if you do not provide the requested registration or login information.



  • FTC E-Filers please note that the FTC will be switching to a new Administrative E-Filing System on August 17, 2020. Please check back for the new URL, which will be posted soon.

  • If you are a new user, click Register for E-Filing. If you are an existing user and you have changed Law Firms or Employers, you must re-register as a new user.